Communication Matters

Good communication transcends medium, genre and demographics.

Over the course of my career, I’ve written books, magazine and newspaper articles, and web content. I’ve designed college courses and produced both online and face-to-face training materials. I’ve edited magazines and newspaper sections, revised textbooks and created brochures and marketing materials.

I’ve enjoyed teaching and public speaking opportunities. I’ve had the honor of managing co-workers and collaborating with extraordinary artists and photographers. And, I’ve even introduced women to cosmetic products I personally use and believe in.

Sounds like a pretty disparate resume, right?  To me, all these pursuits co-exist as naturally as crawfish etouffee and rice (or pecan pie and ice cream if you prefer).

Take a cruise around my website to see what I mean.  You’ll find samples of different types of work, as well as different passions. And if I can help with your communication needs, please contact me!  You’ll find all the information you need on my Contact page.


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